Aion Online Guides

If you're a regular MMO games player no doubt you already heard about Aion Online. This game published by NCsoft is a new player in the market but already has hundreds of thousands of players and one of the fastest growing communities.

The reason for the game's success is rewarding gameplay and exciting new features unlike in other similar games, such as flying.

Aion however is not an easy game, which can be seen by the number of guides available for it. There are all kinds of guides out there such as leveling guides, kinah (gold) making and more. In addition, there's also guides for each of the eight Aion classes, so you can guess it's a big mess.

Unfortunately, not all of these guides are created equal and some are, simply put, better. That's why there are fortunately blogs and sites which review these guides and compare them against each other.

I'll list a few of those below if you want to check these guides out!

Aion Class Guides

There's a total of 8 class guides for Aion, one for each class. You can find reviews of them on the following links:

Aion Leveling Guides

There are several different blogs offering reviews of Aion leveling guides, including:
You don't have to check all of them since most of the ratings are pretty much the same. There are even more sites but I think these three offer the most accurate reviews.

Aion Kinah Guides

Kinah is the currency in Aion Online, which is usually known as gold in other games. There doesn't appear to be many sites or guides about this important aspect of the game, however I did manage to find a couple of links:

Misc. Aion sites

These sites don't mostly offer guide reviews but also talk about Aion Online, and some have free guides as well: